02110 2200145 4500245020000000700002800200650001400228650001300242650002300255005001900278260004800297041001400345084000900359500159600368 aMOTIVASI IBU POST PARTUMTENTANG PELAKSANAAN MOBILISASI DINIrn(Studi di Wilayah Kerja Bidan Praktek Mandiri Niken Kinesti Desa Gabus Banaran KecamatanTembelang Kabupaten JombangTahun 2014)hCD-ROM aFIRLI DIYAN TIRTA AGUNG akebidanan aMOTIVASI aPOST PARTUMTENTANG a20171021115750 aJombangbSTIKES INSAN CENDEKIA MEDIKAc2014 aIndonesia aNONE apatient out of bed and guide him as soon as possible to move / walk. And early mobilization is expected to train post partum women to learn to move right oblique, left oblique, sit or when it's strong learning to walk. The purpose of research is to know the motivation of post partum women in doing early mobilization in village of Gabus Banaran district.Tembelang regency. Jombang.rnThis type of research is a descriptive study with all populations of post partum mothers who did early mobilization in village of Gabus Banaran district. Tembelang Regency. Jombang, as many as 17 respondents and the sample taken by Accidental Sampling technique, Instruments used was a questionnaire. The variable was motivation of Post Partum mother about implementation of early mobilization. Data retrieval techniques by editing, coding, scoring, and tabulating.rnBased on the study on June 8 to 30 2014 showed that most of the mothers who had strong motivation was 14 respondents (82,35%), mothers who had normal motivation was a number of 3 respondents (17,64%) and a weak motivated wa nothing.rnThe conclusion of this research is motivated post partum mothers on implementation of early mobilization in village of Gabus Banaran district. Tembelang Regency. Jombang mostly have strong motivation.rnSuggestions of researchers for all post partum mother is that doing early mobilization such as right oblique, left oblique, sit or learning to walk useful to facilitate the remnants of blood which is issued to prevent infection or bleeding.rnKeywords : Motivation, mother, Post Partum, Early mobilization