01846 2200133 4500245015600000700002200156650001600178650001500194005001900209260004800228041001400276084000900290500141300299 aPERAN KELUARGA TENTANG KEPATUHAN MINUM OBAT PADA PENDERITArnHIPERTENSIrn(Studi di Dusun Spanyul Desa Sepanyul Kecamatan Gudo Kabupaten Jombang)hCD-ROM aNurul Puspitasari aKeperawatan aHIPERTENSI a20171018083505 aJombangbSTIKES INSAN CENDEKIA MEDIKAc2014 aIndonesia aNONE aHypertension affects more by men who rarely exercise and a diet high in fat and cholesterol.rnFor a can of hypertension for years without realizing until there is sufficient weight of vitalrnorgans at risk of death. From the file Jombang city Health Department in 2012 patientsrnreach as much as 21 444 inhabitants. From the results of the preliminary study showed thatrnthe elderly are one of the IHC negative role in Hamlet Sepanyul of 55.1%. One of the factorsrnthat influence it is a lack of family roles to improve medication adherence in patients withrnhypertension. This study aims to determine the role of the family of drink medicationrnadherence in patients with hypertension in Hamlet Sepanyul Gudo Jombang.rnThe design of this research is descriptive. The population was all families who havernhypertension in Hamlet Sepanyul to 56 people. With the sampling technique is randomrnsampling, random retrieval. And retrieval of file enclosed questionnaire (structured).rnThe results showed that the role of the family on medication adherence in hypertensivernpatients with a total of 27 respondents (55.1%) had a negative role, 22 respondents (44.9%)rnhad a positive role.rnBased on the results of this study concluded that the role of the family on medicationrnadherence in patients with hypertension in Hamlet Sepanyul largely negative.rnKeywords: Roles Family, Compliance, Drink Drugs Hypertension